I am a .NET developer (C#) with a keen interest in WPF, Event architectures and Software Architecture. I am currently living in Auckland city, New Zealand and the photo on this blog is taken from my appartment. I also have a keen interest in world/country politics, American history, cooking, pistol shooting.

I play online games such as Empires(www.empiresmod.com) which is a mod for Half life 2. I enjoy gaming and building computers from the ground up when I get the chance. Usually during week nights I go pistol shooting at the local club with a friend of mine from university who is also a dev.

I have met fellow devs online from various games and I work on some projects with them from time to time.

I am currently learning WPF when I can. To help my learning, I am making an RTS game that is based on EmpiresMod.

I had an open source project which was developed as apart of my Masterate of Science. I am currently at a crossroads with this project as I need to better understand advanced event concepts with WPF in relation to good WPF design. I do feel there is a use case for this project however I also believe that the project may need to better scoped as it currently provides many facilities making it not as focused as it could/should be. The project also requires a huge refactor to use TDD and WPF.

I have a profile on http://www.linkedin.com, please feel free to add me. I am also a member of http://www.oldfriends.co.nz (which is a reunion site for people in NZ).


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